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All Star A/C Armor and Fabrication LLC.

          Jeff Weiland                                       1717 Mercer Way                  (972) 999-6569                 

          Owner/Opperator                               Aubrey TX  76227                 sales@allstaracarmor.com





      3 Fully enclosed Swing units at doctors office                                    Swing unit open


          Fully enclosed unit that customer can assemble                           Bar style cage at office building


                 Window unit cage at autoshop                                                   Bar style cage at a residence


              Fully enclosed swing cage at Sonic                            Roof ladder                 Bar style cage at a church in Ft. Worth


         Custom Iron gate at doctors office                  Bar type cage at condo in Dallas                                 Security bars in Oakclif


      Custom bracket to hold in your quad               Bar type cage in Huston                              Custom made Hitch box


            A/c cage on commercial building in Dallas              Enclosed cage at building anchored in pad          Access ladder cage















































































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