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Listed below or some articles that were related to Copper & aluminum theft in a few states.  Understand that this is a growing trend and due to the high price in Copper & Aluminum we don't see it stopping in the near future..

Metal Moochers

Copper Theft Knows No Market Limits - TALLAHASSEE, Fla

Copper and Robbers- Homeowners' Latest Worry

High Copper Prices Send Thieves After Air Conditioners and Electrical Wiring


Dallas police: Three men tried to steal $200K worth of AC units from atop a Dick's Sporting Goods


5:59 PM Tue, Jun 09,
Steve Thompson/Reporter 

Dallas police- Three men tried to steal $200K worth of AC units from atop a Dick's Sporting Goods

Police arrested three men yesterday morning for allegedly stealing nine air conditioning units - worth at least $200,000 - from the top of a building housing a Dick's Sporting Goods along Dallas North Parkway.

A witness from an adjacent business called in after hearing noise from the roof.

The suspects, Gary Tatum, 44, Jeffrey Johnson, 42, and Dexter Grant, 39, (pictured left to right) weren't present when the police first arrived but were taken into custody when they returned to pick up the stolen property, police said.

Grant told police officers that he was feeling chest pains and was checked out by Dallas Fire-Rescue.



Jun 1, 2008 9:38 pm US/Central

Dallas Church Left With No A/C After Copper Theft

DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ―


Members of a Faith Memorial Church in Dallas had to worship in the heat after thieves stole copper wiring out of their air conditioning unit.

The pastor of the east Oak Cliff church moved members into a smaller chapel and brought in fans for Sunday services. He said many people went home because it was too hot.

Police say it's the third time thieves have struck. Saturday night thieves stole a nearly $3,000 air conditioning unit from the side of the building.

"It is very hard for me to keep believing in this area," said Assistant Pastor Omar Jahwar. "I say to myself, 'Are we fighting a losing battle?" This is a tough call."

Three weeks ago thieves stole the copper and wires from the same a/c unit. The church had just replaced the unit when the theft happened. Last Sunday, a smaller a/c unit and a video camera were stolen from the church.

A spokesperson for the church said they do not have money to replace the units. But they refuse to be thwarted by thieves with no honor.

"That's what the people want us to do is quit, give up," said maintenance supervisor Darryl Luckey. "God is not a quitter. He don't quit on us, so we shouldn't quit on Him."



FWPD Working To Stop Growing Copper Theft Trend

May 8, 2008 5:49 pm US/Central

Fort Worth police say at least three times a day Fort Worth residents and business owners are hit by copper thieves. Thursday police took another step to stop the crime trend.

Cheap wire cutters meant easy entry into an expensive supply of air conditioning copper at Hemphill Presbyterian Church. The church was the target of copper thieves three-times in one week.

Across town there was a similar scenario. "They took the whole unit and I think they say they got $33 for it," Andrea Reed, the secretary at Carter Metropolitan Church. That church was hit by copper thieves twice in April.

"You know when I was growing up you just didn't mess with the church," says Reed. "You didn't steal from the church, you didn't they just don't care anymore and it's scary."

The problem stems from the high price of copper and thieves will go great lengths to get it.

Officer Fowler, with the Fort Worth Police Department, says criminals know, "It's easier to go sell copper wire than it is to pawn a stereo, with a serial number on it, at a pawn shop."

Thursday morning Fort Worth police, city code enforcement officers and agents from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, inspected the first of 14 Fort Worth scrap yards for violations. Some of which were revealed after an undercover operation conducted during the past two weeks.

"They are letting the stolen copper and materials get through their scales," says Officer Fowler. "And we're making sure, absolutely sure, that every ordinance, state regulation is being followed now, to the 'T'."

So far in 2008 Fort Worth police have responded to 385 copper thefts, at which nearly 500 items were stolen. In total the items were worth more than $1 million.

Carter Metropolitan Church spent nearly $1,500 to replace its stolen air conditioning unit and add extra security at the church. "It's happening all over the place. There's nothing we can do about it but try to protect ourselves," Reed said.

The City of Fort Worth hopes its concentrated efforts will help stem the problem.


 Thieves Again Hit Pleasant Grove Church

A building burglarized and hit by fire in the past two years was victimized again by thieves, but although it was reported on Saturday, the theft actually occurred a week or two ago.

"We're almost afraid to report this stuff that's happening because they say, 'How is this stuff happening?' " admits Pastor Jimmy Clark.

The most recent mishap resulted in water draining into what was the sanctuary.

"See, they have to have a machine or some kind of pipe, cause they couldn't cut that with a hacksaw," Clark explained as he allowed CBS 11 cameras to tour the building.

"It's somebody that's got experience,  that's coming in and getting this kind of copper," Clark said. "It had to be somebody who knew this part (of the church) wasn't being used, wouldn't nobody be over hear so the noise---nobody could hear. "

According to a police report, someone also made off with half of an air conditioning compressor; a twin unit was stolen months earlier.

"They got all the copper pipe; they left the galvanized pipe, but they tore all the copper pipe where they could get it loose, they just took it and broke it loose," Clark said. "There's a lot of crazy stuff going on."

The building once served as the location for the Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church.  Its original worshippers long since gone, it is now the rented home of Clark's  All In The Word Family Church.

In 2006, thieves took part of the church's  air conditioner for the copper.

In 2007,  a still-unsolved fire hit the 104-year-old-sanctuary. Since then, worship services and mission programs must take place in support buildings.

When Bennie Shaw discovered the break-in Saturday morning, he thought "a pipe had busted or something." "We're just holding on by faith."

After Clark admitted the $90,000 compressor theft actually occurred more than a week ago, he was afraid to report the theft until the building's owner returned from out-of-town.

The congregation hadn't moved back into sanctuary after the fire, so it won't affect Sunday services.










































































































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